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     "If the horse knew what to do, he'd already be doing it" -- Even if you don't  believe these words, train as if you   do and watch what happens!   


Windows Media Player Movie Files

Crackers Playing Jump Rope at Clicker Camp 2003 - 1.54 MB

Collected Start - Demo Day #4 - Julie and Nikita  - 12.25 MB

When to Stay - Demo Day #1 - Kim and Finn - 1.2 MB

Body Parts in the Way - Demo Day #1 - Kim and Finn - 2.12 MB

Cadence and Bend - Demo Day #1 - Julie and Finn - 4.8 MB

Bareback/Halter Single Rein Riding - Demo Day #1 - Sandy and Nikita - 5.53 MB

Stand for Mounting - Demo Day #2 - Dolores and Cadbury - 10.53 MB

Canter Depart - Demo Day #2 - Dolores and Cadbury - 15.16 MB

Balancing the Trot 1 - Demo Day #2 - Dolores and Cadbury - 8.54 MB

Balancing the Trot 1 - Demo Day #2 - Dolores and Cadbury - 3.63 MB

Hooking on/ Horse's Choice - Demo Day #3 - Dave and Harley - 2.72 MB

Fearful Rider - Demo Day #3 - Dave and Harley - 3.62 MB

Stay with Me - Fearful Rider - Demo Day #3 - Dave and Harley - 5.9 MB

Stand on a Mat - Demo Day #3 - Dolores and Harvey - 4.37 MB

Head Down and Stay - Demo Day #3 - Dolores and Harvey - 4.06 MB

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By The Hat 
A farmer at our local Farmer’s Market had a blanket laid out on the ground, filled with wonderful vegetables, some in baskets, some just in piles. I held up a giant zucchini, and I asked him how much. The man smiled and said, "It's by the hat. It's the hat method."  I didn’t know what he was talking about. He pointed to a big old farmer's type hat, filled with dollar bills, that sat on the edge of the blanket.

“You just put in what feels right to you,” he said. "Give me an idea," I said. "Oh, no," he said, "then it wouldn't be by the hat."

He truly offered his vegetables for what people had in their hearts to pay. He was not attached. He really wasn't. He didn't even stay around. And he was so generous with the sweep of his hand that I had such a different feeling. I felt that I had been given a great gift, and, with all my heart, I wanted to pay him enough. It felt like joy to receive, and joy to give. 

He was there to be rewarded for his labors. The vegetables weren’t for free. Only he wasn't dictating the price. He truly let go. He wanted his vegetables to go to as many good homes as possible and give all the nourishment they were made for.

We are happy you are here, and we want to emulate that beautiful farmer.

THESE ARTICLES ARE TO SUPPORT YOU AND ALL HORSES EVERYWHERE! We are putting down a big hat, and with it, laying out our faith in God and the Universe. We need your support, but let Zen Horsemanship support you first.

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