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On-Line Pre-ride Assessment

Before you ever get on your horse, its important to know that the two of you are on the same page.

My horse is clicker-wise or I have my own unique way of saying "yes"
He understands basic targeting. He keeps his focus on me as a target.
I can stand next to him with pockets full of treats without being mugged.
He will follow a target or my leading hand.
He will follow his target up to things he's afraid of and target on them?
He will follow while you lead him over plastic or other surfaces.
He will lower his head with his head and neck bent towards me.
He will lower his head to the dirt.
He will leave his head down for at least 10 seconds.
I can ask him to lower his head in at least two different ways.
I can get him to back up, come forward, move his hips to the left or right and move his shoulders to the right or left.
It's easy! He's as light as a feather.
He will stand still on a target or a spot I specify on the ground.
He will stand still on a target or a spot I specify on the ground while I take 5 steps back from him.
He will stand on the target or spot for at least ten seconds.
He will he soften his jaw and neck to my lead and yield his hips over forward and away when I ask.
He will stand for grooming and he will stand still while I approach him with with blankets, plastic tarps, umbrellas, whips, etc
He can walk, trot and canter in balance at liberty in a round pen.
He can walk, trot and canter in balance on a lunge line.
He will walk on a loose lead around the perimeter of your riding space.
He will he stand quietly at a mounting block.
He will do all of the above things in different environments.
He will do all these things with distractions.
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When YOU'RE satisfied with your answers, your ready to ride.

Remember to have fun!

Training Principles:

"You can't ask for something and expect to get it on a consistent basis unless YOU have gone through a teaching process to teach it to your horse."

"Safety for you and the horse always comes first."

So before you get on, here is a list of simple tasks. How well your horse completes them will give you an indication of his emotional, mental, and physical readiness to be ridden. 

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